Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Hectors: Sometimes They Collide [EP]

The Hectors
Sometimes They Collide [EP]
Tarantism Records [2007]

Fire Drill Review:
The Hectors are a fun little band out of LA that actually put this EP out late last year but have been doing the “trying to breakthrough thing” by touring and promoting. It is that initiative that finds Sometimes They Collide here on the Note plus a lot of help from the infectious vocals of Corinne Dinner. There style is somewhere in the middle of a classic indie rock sound like a female Pavement with some reverbed guitars that has pop elements but never really goes there. Not to mention they make great, creative and plain fun videos!

Key Track: "Carol And Sanford"

Band With Similar Fire: Belly

Official Hectors Website
The Hectors MySpace

-Reviewed by Robyn Gatsby