Friday, August 29, 2008

The Night Marchers: See You In Magic

The Night Marchers
See You In Magic
Vagrant Records [2008]

Fire Drill Review:
The Night Marchers are a new band but the players will be very familiar to many. John Reis (Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, Sultans) is leading this foursome along with Hot Snakes guitarist Gar Wood and drummer Jason Kourkounis plus newbie CPC Gangbangs bassist Tommy Kitsos. See You In Magic is full of tracks that represent the Reis sound with his knack for catchy punk rock out numbers that keep your feet tapping. The Night Marchers do offer more melody and less volume in certain places compared to their collective previous work but at the end of the day Reis and the boys still rock pretty good!

Key Track: "I Wanna Deadbeat You"

Band With Similar Fire: The Raconteurs

The Night Marchers MySpace

-Reviewed by Aidan Rox