Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kelley McRae: Highrises In Brooklyn

Kelley McRae
Highrises In Brooklyn
sonaBLAST! Records [2008]

Fire Drill Review:
Sophomore album from Brooklyn girl Kelley McRae that has super pleasant vocals and strong acoustic guitar work. Her voice range is a mix of styles that are a combo of Neko Case, Laura Cantrell and Ani DiFranco all mixed into different tracks for a cohesive album that moves effortlessly from track to track. Coming in at a perfect 35 minutes, Highrises In Brooklyn is an album that once it gets some airtime it should be an instant hit along with the name Kelley McRae.

Key Track: "Highrises In Brooklyn"

Band With Similar Fire: Laura Cantrell

Official Kelley McRae Website
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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony