Thursday, February 19, 2009

Iran: Dissolver

Narnack Records [2009]

Fire Drills Reivew:
Six years between albums is a longtime in the music world, especially when Iran member Kyp Malone joined TV On The Radio and put out three spectacular records during that time. Clearly this experience now makes Iran the half-brother to TVOTR and also explains why their sound has morphed from a more experimental noise rock group to an indie band with solid song structures. This direction on its own sounds great and Dissolver does not disappoint taken at face value but considering the source, it is hard to not compare the two bands. This comparison hurts Iran a bit and probably is unfair but if there would have been a bit more of their previous self mixed into these pop structures we might be talking about an album of year candidate.

Key Track: "Buddy"

Band With Similar Fire: Swearing At Motorists

Buddy (mp3)
I Can See The Future (mp3)

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-Reviewed by Natalie Colibri