Friday, February 20, 2009

Tommy Keene: In The Late Bright

Tommy Keene
In The Late Bright
Second Motion Records [2009]

Fire Drills Review:
If you don't know who Tommy Keene is than shame on you! In The Late Bright marks Keene's eighth album of guitar power pop that is as infectious now as when he first hit the scene back in 1982. I know many of our readers were not even born then but you might recognize Keene's name from playing guitar with Paul Westerberg, Velvet Crush and he was half of the Keene Brothers with Robert Pollard. He has always been critically acclaimed although it has never led to great commercial success but I guarantee after spinning In The Late Bright you not only will enjoy Tommy Keene but will have a better definitive definition of Power Pop!

Key Track: "Goodbye Jane"

Band With Similar Fire: Matthew Sweet

Official Tommy Keene Website
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-Reviewed by Aidan Rox