Friday, February 6, 2009

Nous Non Plus: Ménagerie

Nous Non Plus
Aeronaut Records [2009]

Fire Drills Review:
I am not sure how to take this supposed French indie pop band when most of the members are Yanks out of New York but that is what you get in Nous Non Plus (pronounced New Non Ploo). The interesting thing is they claim everything sounds better in French and for several tracks on Ménagerie they have me convinced because they are good at their craft. The band does mix in English with their French, so the listener won't be totally lost and overall Nous Non Plus has released a very entertaining jazzy French pop record. The smooth vocals from Swiss-German lead singer Céline Dijon will definitely play well at parties and Nous Non Plus has that "who is that" factor to them, which ultimately says something for their efforts.

Key Track: "Catastrophe"

Band With Similar Fire: The Bird And The Bee

Official Nous Non Plus Website
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-Reviewed by Aidan Rox