Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pavement: Brighten The Corners [Nicene Creedence Edition]

Brighten The Corners [Nicene Creedence Edition]
Matador Records [1997; re: 2008]
(2 CD Set)

Fire Drills Review:
Brighten The Corners is the fourth installment of the Matador Records series deluxe editions covering the Pavement catalog. This one, like the previous editions, is loaded with extras and runs at 44 tracks giving you more Pavement then you could ever imagine. The extras cover many of the b-sides that were released around the original 1997 release along with radio sessions that give the Brighten The Corners tracks more freewill that sound great in this forum.

Key Track: "Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer In A Non-Alcoholic Bar"

Band With Similar Fire: Sebadoh

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-Reviewed by Sam DaMatta