Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Surf City: Surf City [EP]

Surf City
Surf City [EP]
Morr Music [2008]

Fire Drills Review:
What do you get when you mix a little surf and feedback? Well it might come out something like New Zealand's Surf City debut EP. The band is full of spunk and crank through six songs in twenty minutes, which is a lo-fi fuzz filled thrill ride. What is exciting about Surf City is that their record is a true mix of old school feverish surf strumming, while drenching the tracks in feedback and some background shout outs support the somewhat behind the scene lead vocals which sounds stellar. The strength of this clearly puts Surf City on our list of hot anticipated full length releases in 2009!

Key Track: "Dickshakers Union"

Band With Similar Fire: The Jesus And Mary Chain

Headin' Inside (mp3)
Records Of A Flagpole Skater (mp3)
Dickshakers Union (mp3)

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-Reviewed by Robyn Gatsby