Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wintersleep: Welcome To The Night Sky

Welcome To The Night Sky
Sonic Records [2007; re: 2008]

Fire Drills Review:

It was nice to see Wintersleep's third album Welcome To The Night Sky become available South of the Canadian border after releasing up North last year and winning the convented Juno award for best new group. It does not take long into the bands 10 tracks to realize that Juno was onto something because the record has all the elements of a big rock record with some power guitar tracks, a ballad here and there and a complex eight minute closer. What sets Wintersleep apart from corporate rock is their quality musicianship, band cohesion and sound that provides the perfect blend of the Shins indie qualities with a R.E.M. type delivery of rock equalling a unique and interesting album!

Key Track: "Weighty Ghost"

Band With Similar Fire: Band Of Horses

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-Reviewed by Sam DaMatta