Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blue Eyed Blacks: Black Eyed Soul

Blue Eyed Blacks
Black Eyed Soul
Chicken Ranch Records [2008]

Fire Drills Says:
Black Eyed Soul is the hard work of Jason Moon Wilkins and it represents a stand out resume and a solid two years putting the record together. He has been in several bands and more notably a bassist for Josh Rouse and Garrison Starr. Wilkins has made a lot of friends along the way and Black Eyed Soul taps into those contacts which include Garrison Starr, vocalist Betsy Roo (who co-wrote the Dolly Parton song "Jesus & Gravity"), Justin Townes Earle (Bloodshot Records), Billy Mercer (Ryan Adams), and Rollum Haas (The Features, Brendan Benson). It is this solid musicianship and Wilkins honest vocals that make Blue Eyed Blacks a band to check out and a debut record in Black Eyed Soul to take for a ride.

Key Track: "The Trouble With Kate"

Band With Similar Fire: The National

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-Reviewed by Natalie Colibri