Friday, January 16, 2009

East Hundred: Passenger

East Hundred
Self-Released [2009]

Fire Drills Review:
Passenger is Philadelphia's East Hundred's long time coming debut record after starting out just as a basement recording project in 2004. The group has a charismatic and powerful lead vocalist in front woman Beril Guceri, whose vocals have a smooth and relaxing effect on the listener as her pitch perfect delivery guides you through each synth, guitar and drum ladden track. Passenger was well worth the wait as this five-piece have honed their skills and are ready to be heard with 9 songs that are vibrant, lush and catchy.

Key Track: "Plus Minus"

Band With Similar Fire: Star 69

Slow Burning Crimes (mp3)

Official East Hundred Website
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-Reviewed by Aidan Rox