Monday, January 26, 2009

The Wrens: Pulled Fences (Live) [Single]

The Wrens
Pulled Fences (Live) [Single]
Self-Released [2009]

Fire Drills Review:

It is official - this is new Wrens material and we are all giddy with excitement. "Pulled Fences" comes to us via The Wrens website and the song was recorded last year live on WorldSpace Sessions at Abbey Road. It is a five minute pop nugget that slow builds itself, peaks in the middle and then just gracefully fades away as smoothly as it came in. Basically, another solid track in their catalog. In other Wrens news this year marks the bands 20th anniversary, they have signed to Absolutely Kosher Records and are looking to release a new record in the Spring - lets say a little indie prayer!

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-Reviewed by Reece Michael