Monday, September 8, 2008

The Black Angels: Directions To See A Ghost

The Black Angels
Directions To See A Ghost
Light In Attic Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:

Directions To See A Ghost is The Black Angels highly anticipated sophomore release and it sees a continuation of the psychedelic and epic tracks that were found on Passover [2006]. The Black Angels succeed in maintaining your attention by not overkilling you with the drone but by placing catchy hooks into their tracks, which grab you like on opener "You On The Run" and "You In Color". This album is a massive undertaking, as it goes the full 72 minute distance over 11 tracks with 22% of it on the sixteen minute closer "Snake In The Grass", so get out your headphones and prepare to be carried away!

Key Track: "You In Color"

Band With Similar Fire: Spaceman 3

Doves (mp3)

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-Reviewed by Reece Michael