Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John Eichleay: John Eichleay

John Eichleay
John Eichleay
Copper Beech Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:
The eponymous debut album by New York musician John Eichleay is a simple lesson what a solid voice, lyric and melody can do that will draw you in immediately. Eichleay started out on classical guitar but has explored everything from blues and funk to jazz and bluegrass. In 1997 he moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University, where he became friends with guitarist Alfonso Ponticelli and played the Chicago Jazz Festival. His album shows off his experience as it is just a solid, catchy and smart Beatlesque record.

Key Track: "Friends And Family"

Band With Similar Fire: Jonathan Richman

Friends And Family (mp3)
Yesterdays (mp3)

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-Reviewed by Reece Michael