Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Caesars: Strawberry Weed

Strawberry Weed
Astralwerks Records [2008]

Fire Drill Review:
"Jerk It Out" made the Caesars one of the first bands to benefit from having their song highlighted in a iPod commercial and now they are back with another batch of 60's inspired songs that make up one of their best albums to date. Strawberry Weed's tracks all have a lo-fi rawness to them but don't thinks it stops the bands knack for power pop because it still shines through infectiously strong. There is no song that will jump off like "Jerk It Out" did but as a complete album Strawberry Weed succeeds!

Key Track: "Strawberry Weed"

Band With Similar Fire: The Swedish Guided By Voices

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony