Monday, September 8, 2008

Dead Heart Bloom: Fall In [EP]

Dead Heart Bloom
Fall In [EP]
KEI Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:

Fall In is the first in a series of EPs Dead Heart Bloom will release this year. It may shock some listeners when you pop this thing in because after the superb folkish album Chelsea Diaries [2007], Fall In kicks up the guitars and ventures a bit into a more rock offering. Even though I believe I prefer the quieter side of the band, like on the mellow "Nothing Will Break Me Now", DHB take full advantage of the traditional EP format and experiment some, not to mention for free download at the bands website how much can I really complain because the output is still solid!

Key Track: "Nothing Will Break Me Now"

Band With Similar Fire: Built To Spill

Free EP Download (Band Approved)

Dead Heart Bloom: Chelsea Diaries [5/30/07]

Official Dead Heart Bloom Website

Dead Heart Bloom MySpace

-Reviewed by Reece Michael