Thursday, October 30, 2008

AC/DC: Black Ice

Black Ice
Columbia Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:

It has been 8 years since we heard from these classic Aussie lads and it was too fun not to put up a quick review simply because AC/DC stands for a rock age of innocence that constantly talked about booze, women and money and then talked about booze, women and money again. The record was produced by Brendan O'Brien (Rage Against The Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam) giving it some sort of rock cred and you know what - at the end of the day it is a total guilty pleasure. Black Ice won't be on any end of the year best of lists and it will probably end up on more wtf lists but I suggest to just crank up the volume and let it play like stupid cock rock should be played and enjoy it with a smile!

Key Track: "Rock N Roll Train"

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-Reviewed by Sam DaMatta