Monday, October 27, 2008

Melvins: Nude With Boots

Nude With Boots
Ipecac Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:
The Melvins are a band that after 25 years and over 25 albums are still cranking them out and one of the remaining current groups that still have a connection to the magical Nirvana era. The group has had the luxury of releasing pretty much whatever they want stylistically and have spanned the genres but Nude With Boots is a straight forward return to their classic rock roots. Compare it to a Sabbath, Zeppelin or insert your favorite cock rock band but the Melvins tear it up on Nude With Boots and sound as fresh as they did day one, so if you are fan be sure to pick this record up!

Key Track: "The Kicking Machine"

Band With Similar Fire: Fu Manchu

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-Reviewed by Reece Michael