Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mother Mother: O My Heart

Mother Mother
O My Heart
Last Gang Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:
O My Heart is a quick follow up sophomore release from Vancouver's Mother Mother on the heels of their solid debut Touch Up [2007] last year. This album finds the band a bit more focused and bigger sounding with an overall heightened state of energy. It really works well with catchy harmonies and stand out vocals giving O My Heart an alt rock appeal of a Pixies or Breeders album while the guy/gal vocal interplay is comparable to fellow Canadians The New Pornographers. Now don't think the group went out of control big compared to their debut because they still retain some of their eclectic parts such as a little ukulele on "Wrecking Ball" and some other little surprising instruments along the way, so Oh My Heart has great balance and never loses site of what the band is all about - catchy good music!

Key Track: "Body Of Yours"

Band With Similar Fire: The New Pornographers

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony