Monday, October 20, 2008

Crystal Antlers: Crystal Antlers [EP]

Crystal Antlers
Crystal Antlers [EP]
Touch & Go Records [2008]

Fire Drills Review:
Signing to Touch & Go was a great thing for many of us because this self-titled and self released EP should be heard by as many people that distribution can reach because it is a true lesson in what psych-rock should sound like. I also believe to garner this sound the band recruited the right producer in Ikey Owens as he is the keyboardist in Mars Volta, so he knows a little about creating a groove. Consistently the Crystal Antlers deliver on their debut and accomplish melding different genres on this 6 song, 25 minute juggernaut of reverb and noise all driven from the commanding vocals of Jonny Bell that never lets down and never gives in. Their debut is supposed to drop early 2009 and we have already put it on the "most anticipated release" list but trust me though when I say the EP should hold you over till then because it is a musical blast!

Key Track: "A Thousand Eyes"

Band With Similar Fire: Les Savy Fav

Crystal Antlers MySpace

-Reviewed by Reece Michael